We accelerate enterprise to be more competent, innovative, and competitive in the market.

A subsidiary of Cambodian Investors Corporation Plc

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Accineur Venture /ak’ sin’ n3: ˈven.tʃər – អាក់សុីន័រ វេនឆ័រ/, a subsidiary of Cambodian Investors Corporation Plc., is an innovation and growth platform that helps enterprises from early startups to corporates to build their capabilities and nurture innovation and creativity to reach their highest potential development in a sustainable way.

Our Focus

Our Focus


Entrepreneurs: Accineur commits to support entrepreneurs on capability upgrading and linking them to networks and partnerships for growth such as mentoring, consulting, fund raising, etc. through our developed programs, activities, networks, or platforms

Business Angels: Accineur commits to build a viable angel investors networking in our ecosystem by producing more quality business angels through our developed programs or activities. We do believe this movement will foster an angel investment to earlystage startups in Cambodia.

Corporates: Accineur co-designs highly value-added programs or activities with local corporates to enhance their core competencies and corporate innovation to ensure that they will stay competitive with newly developed strategy/market.

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CiC PLC-01
Cambodian Investors
Corporation Plc.

A community-based financing solution company that provides equity and debt financing to SMEs. With this respect, CiC focuses mainly on local SMEs supporting activities including capacity      building in the long run and access to finance.

Cambodian Investors Community Association

One of the most vibrant business communities in Cambodia with a focus on solving the problem of access to finance for SMEs in Cambodia. Until now, CiC Association has gathered more than 650+ members including entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals.

cic cap
CiC Capital Partners

A public limited company and a subsidiary of Cambodian Investors Corporation Plc. It is one of the few private equity firms in Cambodia, focusing mainly on investing in SMEs, impact businesses, technology startups and other potential investment projects

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