Cambodia's LARGEST Angel Investors Network

We formalize the angel network and provide an angel development program to angels in Cambodia

What is Cambodian Angel Investors Network (CAIN)?

Cambodian Angel Investors Network (CAIN) is an angel investment network initiated by Cambodian Investors Community Association (CiC) with the aim to promote the development of angel investment by providing investor education program and investment gateway for business angels.

Why does Cambodian Angel Investors Network (CAIN) exist?

Financing is a very critical issue for the survival and development of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups. Angel investors play a key role in financing SMEs, especially those that are innovative and have high growth potential. Many angel investors prefer early-stage enterprises because they are the only enterprises where angel investors can have an important and active role before they are opted out from the market.

CAIN Vs. CAIN Program

CAIN Program is a part of Cambodian Angel Investors Network (CAIN). CAIN Program, previously known as BIO Investor Program, had been running since 2018. It was upgraded in 2020 to CAIN Program to balance between theories and practical experience and mainly focus on angel investors. It is designed to provide business angels the investment knowledge and allow them to experience the investment pitches.

are you an angel investor?

Business Angel Development Program:

6-month intensive curriculum and various activities including angel investing workshops, CAIN Pitch & Reflection Session, Angel Investor Talk, Angel Investing Bootcamp and more.

Investment Opportunities:

Investment opportunity guarantee from local, national, and            international businesses including the opportunity to become a member of CiC community.

Syndicate Fund:

Opportunities to syndicate your investment with other angel      networks as well as CiC.

Is your company seeking funding via angel investments?

We are looking for startups/businesses with following criteria:

  • Potential founders /strong core team
  • A viable business model
  • The potential size of the market opportunity
  • The initial tractions
  • Clear plan on the use of fund
  • Ticket size between 15K – 250K
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