Cnai Community Gathering

On Monday, 27th February 2023, Cnai Accelerator Program held an gathering event under the title “Cnai Community Gathering” at CiC’s office.

This event was led by Mr. Heang Rasmey, Managing Director of Accineur and Mr. Matt Viner, Program Director of EME.

Objective of this event:

  • Build Cnai Community
  • Make sure that each founder joins and builds good relationships
  • Survey about the OKR and Cnai program in overall

Key Takeaways:

  • Discussion about OKRs experience & Startup tips (OKR is the third phase of Cnai accelerator program where there’s 7 companies joined)
  • Members were really excited as they were able to share and get solutions to common problems for their problems in the business
  • Survey results show that Cnai accelerator is unique as it’s not generic like other programs in Cambodia and it dived deeper into the problem in their business and directly mentored to solve their problems
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