Training: “Fundamental Knowledge on Tax Compliance” by BIO PP Batch 05

On Saturday, 17th September 2022, BIO Phnom Penh batch 5 program  held a training on “Fundamental Knowledge on Tax Compliance” at Sunway Hotel, led by Mr. Thet Rithisey, Tax Compliance Manager, Cambodian Investors Capital Partner Plc.


  • To provide SMEs relevant checklist and knowledge of tax compliance.

Key takeaways

  • There are 3 types of taxpayers including small taxpayer, medium taxpayer, and large taxpayer.
  • Taxpayers are classified into three categories based on annual turnover of their business in each sector such as agriculture, service, commercial and industry sector and based on their business asset of each sector including long term-asset and medium-term asset.
  • There are some rights for taxpayers such as, to have their provided information keep confidentially, to receive professional service & explanation on the tax obligation, to receive explanation on the GDT’s obligation, to protest the GDT’s decision if there an abnormal, to be represented by a legal representative, to receive a transparent & partial implementation of taxes by the GDT and to be recognized of their trustworthy in tax compliance.
  • Value added tax (VAT): is a tax on consumer expenditure and it’s collected on business transaction and importation excluding financial, property trading and also educational service sector.
  • Specific tax (SPT): is applied on products or services that negative affect public health & environment and luxurious products or services.
  • Tax on Income is the debt for both physical and legal person who is a resident person on income from Cambodia source &income from foreign sources and a non-resident person on only income from Cambodia sources.
  • Minimum Tax: is a separate tax from Tax on Income. The tax rate is equal to 1% of annual turnover. However, an exemption has been provided for companies who maintain proper accounting record.
  • Tax on Salary (ToS): is a monthly tax imposed on salary received within the framework of fulfilling employment activities.
  • Withholding Tax is a mechanism to collect tax from income recipient who normally are not register with the GDT
  • There are 3 types of tax audit conducted: Conducted by tax brand &Large taxpayer department (desk audit and limited audit), Conducted by enterprise audit department (Comprehensive audit) and conducted by tax investigation department (investigation on tax crime).
  • To have well prepare on tax declaration: Seek for tax specialist, Keep accurate item’s list & Supporting document, well prepare on planning and well corporate and check during audit meeting.
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