HR and Leadership Development For SMEs

On Saturday, 08th October 2022, BIO Phnom Penh batch 5 program  held a training on “HR and Leadership Development For SMEs” at Phnom Penh Hotel, led by Mr. Ourng Borinn, Director of Learning & Development of Zillennium Group.

Objective of this training:

  • To provide a holistic knowledge on the role of people and HR practice during growing stage for SMEs
  • To emphasize the importance of HR Strategy in supporting SMEs growth Strategy
  • To broaden understanding on people management: Leadership and change management preparation.

Key Takeaway:

  • There are a lot of things to do in HRM. So, when you hear the word “HR” what is the one word that pops up in your mind? The key to this answer is: the reflection of that word may be the problem you are facing or the good part that you are experiencing.
  • When we think about Human Resources, please focus on the resource of humans. What is the candidate’s capability? or human capital: Knowledge, skill, attitude, intelligence, health?
  • Not only internal focus, but HR also has to understand the external information: Salary Rank, Supply& Demand of the employee, nonfinancial benefits, employee benefit competition.
  • Five strategic actions for the HRM purpose & vision: Analyzing, Recruiting, Developing, Retaining, and Performance.
  • Don’t expect the market will provide you with the right candidate, but you have to build the employee. In this part, training and development are key players.
  • When you create a job application, there are two important criteria: General Criteria and Specific Criteria
  • Be a smart giver and be a smart receiver.
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