Investment Process

On Saturday, 09th July 2022, CAiN Program held an “Angel Investing Workshop 03: Investment Process” Through Zoom online.

This session was led by Ms. Cheryl Lee, investment Consultant of Z1 Financial.


  • To share the angel investors on investment process from finding the leads until closing the deals
  • To share the best practice on due diligence (practical for angel investors)
  • To share the main monitoring and analysis framework/tools used by Angel Investors
  • Case Study (if any)

Key Takeaway:

  • Lifecycle of business: Early Phase, Expansion Phase, Stock Market and Public-to-Private
  • Type of financing: Grants, Loans/Debts/Bonds, Equity and Convertible
  • General Investment process:
    • Initial Introduction
    • Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)
    • Due-diligence
    • Term Sheet/Letter of intent (Lol)
    • Negotiation(s) and Drafting Legal Agreement
    • Closing an Investment Deal
    • Fulfilment of Conditions Precedent
    • Disbursement of Proceeds
  • A Few basic preparation for investment Readiness
    • Pitch Deck & Business Plan (Entrepreneur’s story, Key Milestones, Growth strategies and use of funds)
    • Financials & Projections
    • Valuation Expectations (Entrepreneur’s own back of the envelope calculation)
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