Over View of Business Angel

On Saturday, 05th March 2022 CAiN Program held a “Angel Investing Workshop: Overview of Business Angels” at Basis Point Cambodia.

This workshop was led by Mr. Ngeth Chou, Investor & Independent Director and Mr. Lem Chansamrach, Managing Director of CiC Plc.


  • To share concepts on the nature of startups, the nature of angels and the relationship between angels and entrepreneurs.
  • To share the perspectives on the development of angel investment and the potential sectors to invest in Cambodia.
  • To share the principles and the key motivations in angel investing.
  • To share the differences in investment practices between venture firm and business angels.

Key Takeaway:

  • Basic understanding of angel investment, business angels and the nature of startups
  • Type of investment and supports from angel investor
  • Analyzing startups based on key motivation, scalability, innovation, area of interest, business model, revenue model and exit potentials
  • Analyzing startup team by checking their experience, mentor, references and their focus.
  • Understand that your investment portfolio cannot be perfect, some investment will fail due to some problems such as bad integrity and failing to execute the plans.
  • Only invest in what you understand.
  • The 4 angel investing process
  • Knowing about the potentials of some sectors for angel investment.
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