Cnai Round01 Pitching

On Friday, 03rd March 2023, Cnai Accelerator Program held an “Cnai Round1 Pitching” at CiC’s office.

This pitching was led by Mr. Heang Rasmey, Managing Director of Accineur Venture, and advisory committee including, Organizing team (EME and CiC), Sasakawa Peace Foundation, ADB Frontier, CiC Investment Team. There are 7 participants have pitched their business in this event including, Academy of Careers & Technology, Dam Dous, Agro Agape, Edemy (Tesdopi), Real Line Design & Build, Tenbox and Siemreap Farmer Market.

Objective of this event:

  • To get updates and evaluate the top 7 companies during the OKR phase..
  • To select the top 4 companies for the next funding round.
  • To see investment potential through pitching.

Outcome for this pitching:

  • Intensive and practical pitching sessions
  • 4 companies were selected a week after.
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