Overview of Startup Valuation

On Saturday, 28th May 2022, CAiN Program held an “Angel Investing Workshop 02: Valuation of Startups/Businesses” at The Desk Flagship – Daun Penh.

This session was led by Mr. Sim Sisavuthara, CEO & Founder of Nexus Capital & Investment Advisory Co., Ltd.


  • To provide practical knowledge of how to do valuation for a company based on company used approaches.
  • To gain insight on which circumstance of any approaches would be applied (context and rational).
  • To share a case study (a startup from previous pitch session).

Key Takeaway:

  • Archetypal Startup’s life begins from getting Started, Proof of concept, Product market fit, Scaling and Exit.
  • Valuation and funding terminology: Pre-money valuation, Post-money valuation, Round (Investment round) and Seed round.
  • Determining early-stage pre-money valuation:
    • Company Factors (Founders/Board of directors, Market size/revenue projections, Customer traction and Exit potential)
    • Deal Factors: Pre-money valuation/investment, Amount already invested, Stage of the startup and Need for additional investment
    • Macro environment factors: Industry trend, Economy and Regulatory
  • Startup Valuation methods: Berkus, Venture Capital and Comparable Transaction.

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