Training: “Fundamentals of Marketing Strategies & Case Studies” by BIO Water

On 16th September, BIO Water Accelerator Program help a training on topic “Fundamentals of Marketing Strategies & Case Studies” at Phnom Penh Hotel, led by Mr. Kruy Chanrith, General Manager of Water Environment (W.E) Venture Co., Ltd.


  • Understand the essential marketing strategies framework such as 4Ps and 7Ps
  • How to plan budgeting for marketing activities.
  • Lesson learnt about good practices from real cases studies

Key takeaways:

  • In general, a marketing refers to a business’s overall gam plan for reaching prospective target and convert them into consumers as well as to retain the existing customers.
  • Marketing strategies involves analyze market, analyze competition, marketing research, define marketing mix, financial analysis, review & revise, and understand customers.
  • The 4P’s marketing mix- Case of Water Sector
  • Product: What are you selling? For example, clean water with standard quality.
  • Price: How much customers are willingness to pay? For example, $0.25 per cubic meter.
  • Promotion: How to promote and sale the products? For example, in clean water sector, there are direct sale, educational events, flyer, booklets, banners, CSR, discount on connection fee and more.
  • Place: Where can customer find and purchase your products? For example, water stations, or at customers’ doors.
  • Process: A documentation of all workflows for the whole. For example, how to install
  • People:  The quality of customer service. For example, sale person who are friendly with customers and have good knowledge about clean water benefit and connection process.
  • Physical Evidence: The evidence to show that you exit and serious in business. For example, the water station.
  • Recommended marketing mix for water operators:
  • Educational workshops at schools to young people who can affect their adult willing to connect to clean water.
  • Discount/fee connection fee for unaffordable families to urgent willingness of affordable income families to use the clean water.
  • Water Station visit tour by high school students
  • Meeting with local governance to promote the benefits of clean water and negative affect of using unclean water so that they can educate their people.
  • Direct sale to customers with flyers and brochures
  • Educational Video on social media since more people can access to internet and prefer video than print material
  • Promotion on connection fee
  • Partnership to NGOs or other relation entities to offer special offer on connection fee
  • Ensure good customer service.
  • Some tips to maintain existing customers:
  • Maintaining the best quality water.
  • Free some maintenance services.
  • Ensure good customer service.
  • Better payment term.
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