Training: “Understanding Resilient Business Model And Product Development” by BIO Batch 05 – Phnom Penh

On Saturday, 27th August 2022, BIO Accelerator Phnom Penh Batch 05 held a training on “Understanding Resilient Business Model and Product Development” at Phnom Penh Hotel, led by Mr. Yorn Malimchheng, Senior Budget Officer of Ministry of Economics & Finance.


  • To develop an in-depth understanding of how business works to be ready for organization growth
  • To understand how business growth can be driven by product development with current business model.

Key Takeaways:

  • The factors to be considered before starting new business:
  • Do you have essential skills?
  • Is it something you are able to do?
  • Do you have passion, belief, and desire to overcome obstacles?
  • Is it something demanded by community?
  • Are there enough needs to realize as a business?
  • Canvas Business Model/ The Nine Building Blocks
  • Customer segments: List down the top 3 segments that provide the most revenue.
  • Value proposition: What is the problem you are solving? What value do you offer to your customers?
  • Revenue streams: List down your top 3 revenue streams (plus thing that you do for free for customer too).
  • Channels: How do you communicate with your customer? How do you deliver the value proposition?
  • Customer relationships: How does this show up and how do you maintain the relationship?
  • Key activities: What do you do every day to run your business model?
  • Key resources: The people, knowledge, means, and money you need to run your business.
  • Key partners: List down the partners that you can’t do business without (not suppliers).
  • Cost structure: List down your top costs by looking at activities and resources.
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