Pitch your business in CAIN Pitch

What is CAIN Pitch?

CAIN Pitch is one of the core activities in CAIN Program, which 1-2 business are invited to pitch their businesses to our members who are angel investors. There are 3 pitch sessions for whole program; therefore, there are 5-6 businesses invited. It’s open for public as long as the business meets the criteria

deal screening

To ensure that we bring in the potential and fit businesses to pitch in our session, we screen the businesses based on the following     criteria:

  • Potential founders /strong core team
  • A viable business model
  • The size of the market opportunity
  • The initial tractions
  • Clear plan on the use of fund
  • Ticket size between 15K — 250K


pre-pitch session
  • Receive support in pitch deck preparation and getting ready for pitch session 
  • Get the financial health checkup or company diagnosis (if necessary) 
  • Understand common questions asked by angel investors.
pitch session
  • Gain experience in pitching to angel investors
  • Understand about potential and gap of your business via comments from an expert and CAIN members
  • Building network with CAIN members
post pitch session
  • Receive your business’s information and data protection during investment process through non-disclosure agreement (NDA) prepared by CiC
  • Get assistance in deep-dive sessions preparation
  • Access to some documents/ tools/ samples related to business valuation, investment documentation (such as term sheet) and other.
  • Other facilitation and support activities to push investment deals.



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