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For those who want to know more about Accineur

In 2018, our team, operated under Cambodian Investors Community Association, run our first business accelerator program, called BIO Accelerator Program. For years, we created and co-created many accelerator programs for SMEs, startups, business angels and corporates. In 2022, we spun off as a company subsidized by our parent company, Cambodian Investors Corporation Plc.

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Our History

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We implement accelerator programs for SMEs, startups, business angels and corporates. Check out our programs.

Yes, if you join any program implemented by Accineur, you will become an associate member of Cambodian Investors Community Association.

For SMEs who want to develop capacity and scale up business

Currently, we have BIO Accelerator Program for all types of businesses (Phnom Penh and Siem Reap), BIO Water Accelerator Program for clean water operators, and PrISME for impact-driven enterprises.

No, they are not free. The fees are various due to each program.

Besides training/workshops, programs provide company diagnosis, expert linkage, networking opportunity, access to market, access to alternative financing (such as debt financing, equity financing, supply chain financing) and investment opportunities (fixed income fund and unit trust fund).

BIO Accelerator Program also accept application from senior manager/directors. However, you can consider applying for Corporate Young Leader Program (CYLP). Check out both program:
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For Business Angels who want to find investment opportunities

We source potential startups/businesses from all sectors which align with our members investment preferences. Startups/businesses are needed to meet our criteria to be eligible to pitch in CAIN Pitch.

As a member, the investor is eligible for fixed income fund and unit trust fund.

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CAIN Program is an angel-investor development program providing business angels participating in investor education program and investment gateway.
No, the program is not free.

Check out CAIN Program 

For startups/businesses who need funding

For our members, they are eligible:
1. Debt Financing (up to $50K) by CiC Capital
2. Equity financing ($0.1 M to $1.5. M) by CiC Capital Partner
3. Supply Chain Financing by CiC Capital Partner
4. CAIN Pitch (angel investment between $10K to $250K)
5. Other partners such as credit guarantee scheme by ARDB
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For Corporates who want to strengthen employees' capacity

You can get a customized corporate training for your corporate or you can send your employees to our corporate accelerator, Corporate Young Leader Program.

Check out CYLP

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