For middle management or first-time managers

Why Corporate Young Leader Programme?

Ability to plan, execute, and monitor

Provide the middle management an opportunity to level up their capabilities, especially in executing and monitoring the plan/direction from the top management. In that sense, they will have the ability to allocate the resources effectively and efficiently.

Ability to lead yourself and your team for middle manager

Be a mirror for them to reflect their leadership capabilities, and it also provides them with practical tools to develop their capabilities and lead their team toward the company’s goals.

Normal employee’s mindset vs. Intrapreneurial mindseT

Give them a clear reflection on the differences between having a normal employee’s mindset and an employee with intrapreneurial mindset. Moreover, it will highlight why a company needs more intrapreneurial minds to stay competitive and lead the market.

employee mindset

Programme’s Curriculum

Business Management Section
  • Understanding Business Model and Product Development
  • Market & Customer Management
  • Understanding Business Strategy
  • Development and Implementation
  • Finance for Young Leaders (Non-Financial Background)
Leadership And Team Building Section
  • Investing in People/Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Success
  • Corporate Communication and Problem Solving
  • Leadership and Talent Management
  • Practical Tools in Human Resource Management
Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Project Management For Professional
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation



Programme Eligibility

admission criteria
required documents
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent
  • Position (Supervisory Role, Senior, Junior Manager, or upper level)
  • 3 Years working experience or equivalent
  • English proficiency
  • Short listed candidates will be interviewed
  • All sector companies (excl. mining firm, heavy manufacturing)
  • A Letter of Intent/Motivational Letter
  • An Updated Resume
  • A Professional Photo

Programme Recruitment Process

  1. Filling Online Application Form: Interested candidates can submit their online application form.
  2. Submitting the Case Study: A candidate filling with adequate information in their application form will be contacted to work on a short case study.
  3. Short-List Interview: Short listed candidates will be contacted for a short interview with program committee.
  4. Cohort Announcement: 30 participants with high commitment and motivation expectedly to recruitment for the first in-take.

For Corporate (Customized Program)

For individual employee (CYLP)

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