The Effects and Preparation of Entrepreneurs in Siem Reap During the Change of the World Economy after Covid-19

On 19th September 2022, BIO Program cooperated with YEAC Siem Reap and Accineur, and held a public event under the topic of “The effects and preparation of entrepreneurs in Siem Reap during the change of world economy after Covid-19” with more than 80 participants from Siem Reap and nearby provinces.

The panelists for the discussion included Mr. Sor Kinal, Managing Director of Aplus Consulting, Mr. Soth Vannak, Managing Director & Co-Founder of API School, Mr. Lem Chansamrach, Managing Director of CiC Plc, Mr. Thong Bunthary, President OF YEAC (Siem Reap Chapter) and Luon Anchamnes, Executive Vice President of YEAC (Siem Reap Chapter).

In the sharing, our panelists have shared:

  • The brief of the change of world economy.
  • The potential effects to businesses from the change of world economy.
  • The important factors and the planning of business plan and finance.
  • The various sources of funding
  • The important tips and experiences
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