BIO Business Link

On 01st July 2023, Accineur held a BIO Business Link series under the theme “Navigate Sale Opportunities Through CiC Business Community” at CiC’s office.

This series event was joined by many CiC’s members and public business owner in various business industry to share their business product/service, business group discussion and experience sharing one to another as well as building strong connection.


BIO Business Link is an activity that operates in conjunction with the BIO Program in order to enhance member opportunities in building business connection. It focuses on bridging up program member with CiC Community to widen their network of contacts and create valuable relationships that can take their business to another level of growth.

In the open speech, Mr. Heang Rasmey, Managing Director of Accineur has presented about CiC’s ecosystem and our journey from the start until now. He also mentions the programs that Accineur has operated so far, as well as introducing the BIO program and its benefits to participants.

Key takeaway from practical experience

Mrs. Chau Lon Molika has provided several insightful advice such that:

  • Learn to be positive. A positive mindset is what keeps you innovative. It’s about the law of attraction. Though it’s good to know the news, having a positive mindset sometimes allows you to recognize a gap in opportunities to improve or create new products or services.
  • Don’t give up on your business if it’s not profitable in the first few years. All businesses are more likely to fail or try to break even at the start. Do not feel discouraged; it’s good to work on your strategies, like B2B and B2C, and stay true to the vision and mission of the organization.
  • The right thing to do in business is always provide solutions to the problems of your customers. Not forcing them to buy your products. If you can find that opportunity, you will strive.
  • There are a few ways to build a business strategy: 1 is to build it with your own capabilities or consult with a business strategist to be able to stabilize or expand your business, which are two different things. It’s also important to follow the rules and regulations of the country; it’s the only way we can grow together in this country. Also, exposing yourself to business networks is the key to building a reputation for yourself and staying connected to the trend.

Additionally, participants were also separated into groups for discussion based on each category. In this session, they have built connections one to another through sharing experiences about their sales, business operations, setting up SOPs, and challenges they have faced with practical solutions from other participants.

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