Training: “Finance for Young Leader” by YLP Cohort 02

On Saturday, 3rd September 2022, GGear Young Leader Programme Cohort 02 held a training “Finance for Young Leader” at Phnom Penh Hotel, led by Mr. Peng Sarom, CFO, GGear Group Co.,Ltd.


  • To build fundamental knowledge of financial terminology, key accounting concepts, and the composition of key financial statements.
  • To recognize the link between organizational strategy and financial objectives.
  • To be able to forecast operational budget, manage and control it in an effective and flexible manner

Key takeaways            

  • The three core financial statements are
    • Income Statement: summarizes the revenues, costs, and expenses
    • Balance Sheet: reports a company’s assets, liabilities, and shareholder equity
    •  Cashflow Statement: summarizes the amount of cash and cash equivalents entering and leaving a company
  • The basic accounting equation: an asset is equal to liabilities plus equity.
  • Companies economic determine how markup and margin should be to profit.
  • Budget planning is the financial plan for a period in the future to get maximum efficiency. The flow is to set goals, develop guidelines and timetable then setup a committee.
  • To make a master budget, you need sales budget, supply chain budget, SG&A budget, financial budget, and investment budget.
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